The Partnership raises awareness of the affordable housing shortage in a variety of ways. We show Wisconsin residents and our government officials that more affordable housing and stronger neighborhoods benefit all of us. The following reports provide key insight into the vast benefits of affordable housing.

The Role of Affordable Housing in Creating Jobs and Stimulating Local Economic Development

This publication reviews recent studies that investigate the ways in which affordable housing can encourage local economic development. The research reviewed in this brief demonstrates that building and operating affordable housing increases spending and employment in the surrounding economy, acts as an important source of revenue for local governments, helps local businesses attract and retain employees, and reduces the likelihood of foreclosure and its associated costs.

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Housing’s and Neighborhoods’ Role in Shaping Children’s Future

Healthy, stable housing and neighborhoods play a vital role in the well-being of children. This article explains various factors of housing that impact children and their potential for success in life.

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Affordable Housing is Nowhere to Be Found for Millions

In 2013, the number of extremely low income renters grew by nearly 1,000,000 people over the previous year. This article explains the severe shortage (5 million +) in affordable rental units for low income families and how the housing cost burden affects individuals. A comparison of states and metropolitan areas is provided.

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