Why Affordable Housing?

We are changing the way people think about affordable housing and strong neighborhoods.

The Partnership helps raise awareness of the affordable housing shortage, putting a human face on the problem to show Wisconsin residents and government officials that the affordable housing shortage hurts all of us. On the flip side, more affordable housing and stronger neighborhoods benefit all of us by increasing property values and creating jobs in local communities.

Housing advocacy means changing the way people think about housing and neighborhoods and building strong coalitions to develop more effective policy and programs. We believe the whole community should share the responsibility of making sure their neighbors can afford a decent place to live.

To that end, we held Wisconsin’s first affordable housing Lobby Day at the state capitol in 2014. We keep in touch with other Wisconsin housing advocates so we can work together to bring housing policy change.

Our own development projects demonstrate that new ways of thinking can lead to effective ways of addressing the housing shortage. A visit to projects like Coachyard Square, The Uplands, and Oak Glen show how successful mixed-income housing can be. We are happy to show other communities how they can make housing less expensive to build, operate and maintain.

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