Who We Are

We believe strong communities depend on everyone having a safe, affordable home

vision-iconOur Vision

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live in a safe, healthy and affordable home. Stable housing is the foundation for individuals and families. Access to affordable housing is important to developing a steady workforce, vibrant neighborhoods and communities, and a prosperous economy. As a result, we seek to expand affordable housing in Wisconsin and beyond to make life better for all of us, one affordable home at a time.

We believe smart, affordable housing is:

The Partnership’s commitment to affordable, stable housing for everyone will be a continuing source of strength for our state and communities.


flag-icon Our Mission

The Partnership is committed to housing for everyone because it’s essential for building healthy communities. We build effective public-private partnerships to expand access to affordable housing options. We do this by directly developing quality housing and by consulting with local groups to provide them with the expertise and capacity to expand affordable housing in their communities.