Expert Consulting

Our development work builds on 30 years’ experience in comprehensive development consulting on a wide variety of projects in every corner of Wisconsin. We work with both private and public organizations to design and implement local or regional housing partnerships.

Our broad areas of expertise:

How do we help our clients?
Our lengthy client list includes housing nonprofits and state and local governments. They are alike in seeking safe, affordable, healthy living situations for the people they serve. Some of our consulting services include:

Whether we work with developers, metropolitan areas, counties, cities, villages or towns, we get all the right players at the table. We put private sector capital and nonprofit skills together to design and finance a successful plan for an affordable housing project.

“We would never have undertaken this project without the Partnership’s guidance.
Now we can offer ten new units of affordable housing with supportive programming to help residents take their next steps.”
Chris Fearing, Executive Director for St. Vincent de Paul, Wisconsin Dells