What We Do

The continuing lack of affordable housing affects all of us. That’s why we’re building communities of opportunity that make life better for everyone.

Expert Consulting

We provide the technical expertise and support to help local communities and non-profits create a strategic plan for building affordable housing.

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We build—and help others build—affordable homes for people to rent or buy. Our development projects are innovative because we work with communities to produce exactly what they want and need.

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Housing Programs

Affordable housing means stronger communities. We help revitalize neighborhoods through partnerships among the public, nonprofit and private sectors.

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Our Partners

Wisconsin Partnership for Housing Development believes that collaboration is the very best way to improve access to affordable housing. We work with other nonprofits and with state and local governments to help them all develop and manage programs that promote affordable housing. We work with nonprofits to build local capacity–helping identify community needs and working with those in the community to develop programs that meet this need. We work with County governments, including five counties across the State of Wisconsin to manage programs that allow people to buy homes that are affordable to them, and assists in rehabilitation necessary so that people can live in safe and health housing. We have worked with numerous state governments to evaluate the effectiveness of their housing programs and make those improvements that will better serve their populations.

Our Community Partners