We help communities

The Partnership staff has been working with the Oshkosh Housing Work Group to develop a community plan for the development of affordable housing. As part of this year-long effort, the Partnership assembled data and information from a variety of national state and local sources and completed interviews with local housing and support services providers. Using this information, we estimated the need for affordable housing in the community. This information was summarized and presented to a number of local groups to demonstrate the need for various types of housing.

During the second part of the study, we are working with housing agencies to develop project ideas that will meet the identified community needs. We are looking at projects that will be effective at addressing chronically homeless as well as those that will assist working households that have trouble affordable housing in the community. The goal is to encourage collaboration among nonprofit agencies, the public and private sectors to address the need. In addition, the study is aimed at developing broad community support for a wide range of projects. The result of this study will be a long range plan for affordable housing development and commitments from agencies to work toward common community goals.